Obtain useful information on your plantations, fields, or ponds; allowing you to make informed decisions and interventions.

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About Us and Our industry

Agriculture is the world’s most important industry; feeding the growing population, providing employment, and generating profits. However, with the increase in overall costs and the necessity of producing more with less, precision agriculture is a requirement, providing stakeholders with the ability to utilize data to make informed decisions for targeted interventions, hence reducing wastage while increasing yields. This is important not just for profitability, but also to better manage adverse environmental effects from agriculture.


What We Do

Precision Agriculture Robotics Sdn Bhd (Pragbotix) was established to provide the means to capture physical world data in agriculture, analyse this data and build predictive tools with the help of Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning systems, and automate interventions using this information. Our systems are built primarily with clients in mind, and innovations worked on are designed to create maximum value to stakeholders by reducing data capture costs and building a better understanding of agriculture to allow for precise, targeted actions that save money and resources as well as improving production.

Our primary focus area, the technologies developed by Pragbotix are mainly for use within the precision agriculture field. As we are based in Malaysia, a country located in South East Asia, with a strong history of agriculture, our expertise lies in the crops and commodities grown in the region, as well as other forms of agriculture such as aquaculture and animal husbandry. Our technologies can also be used in other verticals, including infrastructure monitoring and defence & security, and we have experience in such projects.

Our Approach

Being a technology-centric company, Pragbotix is focused mainly on capturing real-world data and then translating and analysing that data into useful information.
Hence, our approach has always been market-driven but in areas where we hold an unfair advantage in terms of skillset – aeronautics/aerospace and sensors. Pragbotix also collaborates with experts in precision agriculture and we tap into them, along with our own in-house expertise, for data analytics work in predictive modelling, ML and AI.